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Providing software and services to enable utilities operate their businesses more efficiently within the parameters of the EPA regulations - The Web Based PCB Record-Keeping/EPA Reporting System

  • Better data accessibility—anyone with an internet connection and password
  • Ability to assign certain rights to certain people such as view only, edit or printing rights
  • Minimal system maintenance for the end user - backups are done by the hosting site, software enhancements and maintenance is done by RSS
  • Minimal hardware is needed—if you have Internet Explorer you are ready!!

Why Web Based Software?

  • PCB Testing History
  • EPA equipment classifications
  • Type of dielectric
  • PCB Disposal History
  • Cross-referencing (to track equipment drained in to drums)
  • Equipment status (for “Cradle to Grave” tracking)
  • Retrofill/Reclassification history
  • Equipment “Sold/Transferred for Reuse”

Stores all PCB-related data for Drums/Containers

  • Drum/Container storage dates
  • Drum/Container contents codes
  • Weight of contents (automatically converted to kilograms)
  • Drum/Container status (for “Cradle to Grave” tracking)

Stores all PCB-related data for Disposal Shipments

  • Shipping dates
  • Uniform Hazardous Waste Manifest document numbers
  • Disposal contactor data (including contractor’s EPA I.D. #))
  • Disposal transporter data (including transporter’s EPA I.D.#)
  • Verification of Receipt of Waste

Stores all PCB-related data for Electric Equipment Additional Features

  • Ability to attach test results/reports to electrical equipment records
  • Ability to attach disposal documentation to disposal information
  • Ability to easily reproduce previous years annual documents
  • Expanded reporting capabilities including audit reports
  • Expanded navigation and search capabilities

PCB automatically compiles your EPA Annual Document Reports!